Our products were created exclusively for the type 4 hair texture. This texture is more tightly coiled and appears thicker but is actually more fragile than any other hair textures.

There are three types of textures within the type 4 family.

4a hair- This texture is tightly coiled. The coil pattern resembles a tighter spiral.

4b hair- This texture is known to have the S pattern. There is no coil. When the hair is wet, you will see a tight wave texture.

4c hair- This texture has a Z pattern. The Z pattern is tighter than any other textures in the type 4 family.

What makes type 4 hair so fragile? Since this texture is more dense, each strand is either a coil, S pattern or Z pattern. Like most objects that are bent, and the actual bend is the weakest point of the hair. Since each type 4 hair strand is full of coils, S’s or Z’s, that presents a lot of weaker points where hair can break and become damaged.

It is not uncommon for women to have multiple textures throughout the hair. If this is determined, you may have to handle each section according to its specific texture.

The type 4 texture needs to be handled with extreme care. Protective styles, and styles that present a low level of stress on the hair and scalp work best. The Type 4 texture needs lots of moisture and hydration.