1 Hour Beauty Brand Consultation

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Let's face it. Launching a brand can be difficult...and sometimes...maintaining a business is also a challenge!

Whether you have a topic you'd like to discuss for your current brand, or if you'd like explore launching something new, let's chat!

Select this option and we can set up a one on one phone or Skype meeting to talk about all things hair and skin care. 

This one hour session will be tailored just for you to help you in whatever phase you are in for your business.

Once you've added this option to your cart and have completed the checkout process, we will schedule a one hour call, within 1-2 weeks of your purchase. You will receive a calendar link to choose the date that best works for you!


**note: all topics discussed on this call are purely based on experience and expertise. no advice or suggestions given are a guarantee of any success. no refunds on any consultations. all cancellations or reschedules need to be made within 24 hours of your scheduled time.**

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